10 Fun Valentine’s Day Facts

1. Valentine’s Day Started with the Romans

There’s many thoughts about how Valentine’s Day originated, but one theory states that Valentine was a priest who served Rome during the 3rd century. During his time, Emperor Claudius II decided that single men were better suited to be soldiers that those with wives and families so he decided to outlaw marriages.  After realizing the injustice of this act, Valentine defied his ruling and continued to secretly perform marriages for young soldiers.  After Valentine’s actions were discovered, he was immediately sent to prison, however, he still continued to believe in love, as he wrote letters to his sweetheart and signed them “From your Valentine”…. sound familiar?

2. It’s not as much of a “hallmark holiday” as you think!

Valentine’s Day is actually the second most popular card-sending holiday, with about 190 million Valentine’s Day cards being exchanged every year.  Christmas is the most popular (2.6 billion cards are sent).

3. If you’re single, you can still mingle

Against popular belief, single ladies have nothing to stress about while trying to find a date for Valentine’s Day.  In fact, there are 119 single men (who were never married, widowed, or divorced) in their 20s for every 100 single women of the same age.

4. “Wearing your heart on your sleeve” is more than just a saying

During the Middle Ages, young men and women used to draw names to see who their Valentine would be.  After they selected, they would pin the name to their sleeve for one week so that everyone would know their heart’s desire.

5. We have a serious sweet tooth

According to the National Confectioners Association, about 8 million candy hearts were made in 2009.

6. People have been exchanging chocolate for a long time

The first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates was introduced by Richard Cadbury in 1868.

7. True love is not as hard to find as you may think

Over 2 million marriages take place in the United States each year… that means there are more than 6,000 marriages everyday!

8. There’s a reason why roses are the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day

It is believed that Venus, the Roman goddess of love, had a fond liking for roses and named them her favorite flower.  To this day, the flower stands for strong romantic feelings and is the most popular request for Valentine’s Day.

9. What’s Cupid got to do with it?

Cupid became associated with Valentine’s Day because he was the son of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.  According to Roman mythology, Cupid was known to cause people to fall in love by shooting them with his magical arrows.  But don’t worry… Cupid didn’t just cause others to fall in love, he also fell in love himself with a maiden named Psyche.

10. “X” marks the kiss

Many believe the ‘X’ symbol became associated with the kiss in medieval times.  People who couldn’t write their names signed in front of a witness with an ‘X.’  The ‘X’ was then kissed to show their sincerity.