An update to our community:

All Stores Temporarily Closed

In response to the governor's request, we are temporarily closing all of our store locations until further notice to protect our staff and you.

As Gov. Tom Wolf said, โ€œstay calm, stay safe, stay home.โ€


We hope you stay home if you can; and if you can't because you're working in an essential business, we can't thank you enough for putting yourself at risk for the safety of all of us.


We understand things happened rapidly, so please know we're here to help if we can. Email us at or text any of our store phone numbers (we'll receive texts even at home) if you have an urgent concern.


We've been around for 107 years and plan on more generations to come. We'll keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers, and hope you'll do the same for all of us here at Murphy's. Take care, be safe. We'll see you soon. ๐Ÿ’š


Kind regards,
The Murphy Family