Roberto Coin

Navarra Slim Ring with Diamonds


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Cropped product page navarra slim ring with diamonds Cropped product page navarra slim ring with diamonds

The Details

Inspired by the Navarra region of Spain, this collection from Roberto Coin interprets those cross-cultural influences as classic yet modern jewelry, modeled after traditional links but styled for a new millennium.

Quick Facts

  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • 0.12 ctw Diamonds

About Roberto Coin

The quintessential Italian fine jeweler since 1996. Creator of sophistication, blending modernity and tradition, every single design is created with absolute freedom to magnify beauty and personality of that who wears it.

Did You Notice?

Cropped navarra slim ring with diamonds

Roberto Coin signs each one of his pieces with a small ruby, in direct contact with the skin of who wears it. This magical signature represents the message of good wishes.